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EnPlus® Gold 400 Grams

EnPlus® Gold 900 Grams

Product Information
  1. Choline supports brain activities to help restrain and improve memory loss diseases in elderly people.
  2. MUFA, PUFA help decrease cholesterol in blood, and  blood pressure, prevent inflammation, reduce risks of heart diseases.
  3. Calcium, phosphorous, vitamin D3 optimize mineralization process for bones, help strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis.
  4. FOS/Inulin helps make intestinal system healthy, absorb nutrients efficiently, prevent constipation.
  5. Vitamin group B, folic acid, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium increase appetite and resistance, and have a good sleep.
Direction For Use
Stir 54g Enplus Gold (approximately 6 scoops)  in 200ml  warm water (about 50ºC) to make approximately 230 ml of drink which is equivalent 230 Kcal (1ml Enplus Gold solution approximate 1 Kcal).

Have 1-3 glasses per day or as directed by your doctor. Use immediately after mixing.
Target Users

Adults suffering from malnutrition.
Patients who need nutrition to recover faster.

Key benefit: Complete and balance nutritional solution that supports quick recovery among elderlies and patients. 

(*) Micronutrient supplements

After 3 months using EnPlus Gold, elderlies and middle age people who are often lacking in energy have:

- Gained about 2.3 kg in weight
- Had good digestion and less constipation
- Experienced an increase in the level of blood, vitamin A and zinc

*Bell-Kenz Pharma Inc. is the Exclusive Distributor of EnPlus Gold

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